SITPLUS. An interactive tool for people with cerebral palsy.

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The Provincial Cerebral Palsy Association (APPC) of Tarragona (Spain) and CREA Software Systems are proud to present the first public version of the SITPLUS project. This project consists on a freeware software application whose main goal is to provide recreational activities for people with multiple disabilities. It offers new forms of interaction based on computer vision and voice, to produce a result in the form of image and sound.

SITPLUS is the result of nearly three years of research, development and direct intervention with people with cerebral palsy in the APPC. Inspired by the cause and effect applications, SITPLUS provides a tool for continuous and remote interaction, attainable to the majority of people with multiple disabilities. It was conceived in the APPC in late 2007 to try to provide a tool to the group of people whose combination of motor, cognitive and even sensory limitations prevented them from accessing other commonly used tools. Experimental sessions, conducted in the laboratory that the APPC has devoted to this project, show that this tool is not only useful for many people with moderate to severe impairments, but also very motivating for users with mild impairments.

With the release of the tool and a website devoted to the project we pursue two goals. On the one hand we want to offer this technology for free to families and institutions, and on the other hand we request your collaboration in order to continue improving the project. Currently there are several institutions that are using and working with SITPLUS. Join us!

For further details see the documentation. Use the forums to ask for support, provide bug reports, explain your experiences using the software, ...

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